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Karen Todd


Karen’s first spark of interest in Accounting was at 16years old, as a summer receptionist/bookkeeper for a mortgage company in Golden, CO. There she discovered a special talent for crunching numbers and improving systems. She amazed her manager by organizing their accounting system and developing an automated application processing system!

After college, Karen quickly worked her way to Senior-level accounting positions in the agriculture industry while simultaneously working as a freelance bookkeeper for a myriad of business models. Karen’s exceptional “out-of-the-box” creativity and keen problem-solving abilities proved invaluable to each company she served. Karen became an expert at analyzing data and became a trusted advisor to business owners and top-level executives.

Karen’s greatest learning opportunity was as a Cost Accountant, working directly under Gordon Cook, CFO for The Garlic Company in Bakersfield, CA. Gordon’s analytical and business knowledge was unprecedented, as he had served Dole Foods, Inc. for 16 years. Karen learned all she could from his brilliance in the many years that she worked for The Garlic Company, the second largest garlic manufacturer in America.

To live closer to the majority of her family, Karen left The Garlic Company to move with her husband and children to the Austin, TX area in the Summer of 2014. Her oldest son began that year as a student at Texas A&M University, in the Corps of Cadets. Although it was hard to leave her professional family back in CA, she was elated to be close to her son in college and reside close to the rest of her family once again.

With almost 10 years of Senior-level accounting experience under her belt, Karen’s knowledge and fast pace led her to work herself out tasks to keep her busy at her full time positions here in Austin, TX. Karen’s disabled son had demanded more flexibility in her schedule as well, so Karen decided to take matters into her own hands and establish Profit Source Advanced Bookkeeping in January 2016.

Her true passion is to enjoy the “high” that comes from seeing small to medium-sized businesses grow and thrive after giving them the tools they need, and Profit Source has been a phenomenal outlet to feed her passion.

Just a few of Karen Todd’s accomplishments…

✔ Conducted an in-depth investigation and 44-page cost analysis presentation for the second largest garlic manufacturer in America, elevating bottom line by 85% the following year through increased production and decreased costs, defying income statement trends.

✔ Developed new structured accounting, software, and administration systems for large start-up brokerage firm. There she assisted to achieve net working capital from negative to positive within only four months.

✔ Created and executed new accounting software, databases, and workflow procedures for multiple companies to enhance proficiency and profitability